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d h norman art


I wanted my first show to encompass every thing I love and believe about art.

Art is many things. From song to painting to sculpture, it encompasses many things. But not matter what the media or the expression, what makes art what it is is a fundamental element--humanity.

Vessels has developed from an idea first manifested in Teaching Noah, a piece created from a conversation with my son regarding social behavior. I had told him how people are like parabolas of different shapes and sizes. Some are very shallow and open and approach the world with a broad scope, while others are very closed and see with narrow vision. Each person is coming from his or her own perspective, whose focus greatly influences his or her perceptions. Nevertheless, we all come together on the planet as a community.

As the idea of the individual parabola took root, I began to focus on the diversity and beauty among the human species. How we each act and interact with each other and within ourselves is unique. We each provide passage for ourselves from the past to the future. As we inhale inspiration, we exhale interpretations. indeed, from the physical to the spiritual, the best word to describe the human condition and man’s interaction on the planet is vessels.

My cup overflows. Or the body is a temple. I have always found truth in these words. It has been easy to see my self as a vessel, a way of passage where everything is temporary.

The vessel is not simply a container for holding something, but rather a carrier for transport--to provide passage for something.